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Low Cost Threat Intel Provider
Identify threats such as:
– Similar Domain Registration: threat of Phishing, brand abuse and cybersquatting – Leaked Employee Credentials – Exposed Subdomains – Rogue Mobile Apps – Leaked Documents – Leaked Source Code – Domain Hijacking – Domain and SSL Certificate Expiration

Binary file identifier analyzer

Try it.
Detect It Easy, or abbreviated “DIE” is a program for determining types of files.
“DIE” is a cross-platform application, apart from Windows version there are also available versions for Linux and Mac OS.
Many programs of the kind (PEID, PE tools) allow to use third-party signatures. Unfortunately, those signatures scan only bytes by the pre-set mask, and it is not possible to specify additional parameters. As the result, false triggering often occur. More complicated algorithms are usually strictly set in the program itself. Hence, to add a new complex detect one needs to recompile the entire project. No one, except the authors themselves, can change the algorithm of a detect. As time passes, such programs lose relevance without the constant support.

free domains, simple DDNS, other

Freenom stopped domain registrations several months ago. Netcraft has reported a drop in phishing emails blocked with Freenom domains,domain%20registrations%20in%20March%202023 .
Some are looking to other free domain providers such as or has a simple DDNS method
There are other related tools dns-01 ACME challenge helper zone simple dynamic DNS for your own domains, no account required view HTTP request headers, modify HTTP response headers explore identifying information for domain names and IP addresses construct domain names that resolve to any given IP address get your external IP address identifies your DNS resolvers, checks DNSSEC validation, and more

Separate SSID for VPN outbound

It is useful to have an SSID for normally routed traffic and a separate one to connect to for VPN users. With OpenWrt, sometimes there are guides to all the different pieces, but not exactly put together in the way you want. This post does a great job of leveraging existing guides and knitting them all together for the desired solution.
A detailed guide is posted. One of the key steps is the uci set network.wgserver.route_allowed_ips=”1″ change it to uci set network.wgserver.route_allowed_ips=”0″

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