File Hashing Programs

Here are some you can try Command line options with recursion from the Amazing Nirsoft
Digital Volcano is famous for their Duplicate Cleaner. They also have a free hash tool. Includes some stellar options like drag and drop as well as ‘Hash from list’.
CyoHash This is a nice little tool that gets added to your right click menu in Windows

Test your email reputation

When you send an email, there are oodles of things that get checked to score your email. If you score badly, your email may get blocked or land in the spam/junk folder.
You can test it using mail-tester
They give you a random, temporary address. Send an email there and then check the score.

Android Survival Apps

We’ve seen the movies, and we know a zombie apocalypse is coming.
Here are some suggested apps to load now, so you are ready.
Essential: Survival Guide. Like
OR SAS Survival Guide LIte.
Offline maps. like
First Aid. like First Aid Red Cross
Compass. like 3D Compass Plus
Emergency stuff. like ICE
Optional: Walkie Talkie. like Zello
Plant identification. like Seek
Offline reference like Kiwix
Many sites have these kind of lists, try an internet search.

Google Apps, Workspaces Account Login Problem

Google and other major services are annoying. They lock your account or don’t let you login from a new browser and then they force you to give them a phone number to get access to your account. This is even when you know the password.
Very Frustrating.
There are many cases of companies lying about not using your phone number for unwanted activities.
Well, If you have a custom domain on google workspaces and can get access to one of your user accounts, even after resetting the password.
You can get logged in by resetting recovery info.

Manager Users Click on User
[image: image.png]
Click on Recovery Information
[image: image.png]
Click on Login Challenges>Turn off for 10 minutes Click on Sign in Cookies>Reset
Then RESET password
Login as the account.